I need opinions please! Do you think he'll give me another chance?

so my friend decided to try setting me up without knowing it. we were at school at the end of the day and my friend told me to meet up with her then all of a sudden this guy just randomly comes up behind me and introduces himself...i was super confused and then I realized what was going on (because my friend is always trying to set me up with new guys) so I felt totally awkward 'cause I didn't know what to say to this guy. he's new to our school this year so I've never seen him before. but my friend told me that he asked her about me and he said that he thinks I'm really cute and that he likes me. I thought that was really cute that he tried talking to me at school, but since I didn't know what was going on when it happened, he thought that I blew him off! :( but now I think I could kinda like him if I got the chance to get to know him and hang out. how do I get a second chance at a first impression? my friend is horrible at being a wingman for me so do you think I should just add him on Facebook or maybe get his number from my friend? I don't know what to do...he probably thinks I'm a jerk. :(


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  • Just ask your friend for his number or set up another meeting... if he likes you he won't care how you contact him as long as you do talk to him


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