What is with this "desperation" thing?

Up until very recently (maybe a week or to ago) I had never been acquainted with the concept known as: desperation.

But when I found out about this idea of "desperation" I quickly realized that I had become what is known as: "desperate" about 1 month ago. Prior to that though (amazingly) I was completely un-desperate for 18 years of my life.

In fact this is the first time I've been desperate.

But since becoming acquainted with the concept of desperation I must ask the question: What the f*** are you talking about?

Let me make this clear during the 18 years of my non-desperation I never once approached, took initiative, or really talked to a girl at all. Yet I commanded the attention of several, several women.

But I never entered into a relationship, had sex, or ever made bodily contact with a girl at all.

So my point is: I fail to see how desperation is a bad thing, especially if it causes one to actually try to get a girlfriend.

And just to add more justification to my point: I have never once met, encountered, read of, seen, or heard a desperate girl in my entire 18 years on this planet.

Or if I have I was certainly not turned off by them.

*universe explodes*


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  • Ooh I like how you think -

    That's very true, desperation could be the push one needs to get out there finally and snag someone.

    There are desperate girls - just desperate in different ways. Not in a sense of actually being able to get a guy, but the desperation to obtain a legit guy who actually cares about them. The desperate girls will often go after whatever guy that barely glances at them - often jumps into sex too soon, desperate for that connection and intimacy - or - let the guy treat them any ol kinda way, just to have the guy around.

    It's a sad state some of these girls fall into...


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  • i feel so desparate too right now.. but I still have my standards and people are even saying I'm too picky.. hmm interesting. But I agree it gave me the push and now for better or worse I'm putting myself out there.

  • When I think if someone who is "desperate" I think of someone who is ready to throw themselves at anyone who shows interest and will never let go.


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