Should I just tell Justin I'm not interested anymore since I'm still obviously in love with my ex?

Okay, so I'm the kind of girl who will not date someone unless they have every single thing that I want in another person, yes I'm picky. I've only met one guy who has met my standards so far and we dated for 6 months and for me that is a very long time, and we lived together that whole time (we moved very fast). When we broke up my heart was shattered into a million pieces and I have never stopped thinking about him.

It's been a year and a half since, and I started getting feelings for this other guy, lets call him Justin. I've been crushing on Justin for like 2 months now but he didn't make any moves on me or didn't show any interest.

Me and my ex just started talking again 3 days ago, I haven't felt this happy since the last time we dated. He has a girlfriend though, but he's been coming to my house and we've been going out for drinks and just talking and when he drops me off at home he gets out of the car and hugs me for a good 5 minutes and very tight. Amazing feeling. And he told me that he wishes we started talking sooner because then maybe he would of been single and we could of been together again.

and now Justin is starting to show interest in me, I was at my friends house watching the UFC fights and Justin grabbed me and sat me on his lap and was trying to cuddle with me the whole time and he kissed me numerous times, and kept trying to go down my pants (haha I didn't let him just fyi).

I don't know what to do now, should I just tell Justin I'm not interested anymore since I'm still obviously in love with my ex even though my ex has a girlfriend? or should I just see what happens with Justin?

I'm kind of timid to start things up with Justin because I know for a fact that if my ex becomes single I would want to be with him for sure and I would have to hurt Justin. But what if they never break up?

what would you do?

ironic, as soon as I posted this question, a show on MTV came on called: True Life, I can't get over my first love. hahaha


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  • Your ex is an ex for a reason. He might be 'perfect' for you but I think you should move on. Since he already did.

    You don't know what your exs intentions may be.


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  • dont get so much complicated in case of love and feelings...just think about the person who is good at heart...if your ex is with other girl in spite of meeting you...and is it sure that once you ex is back he will not go with other girl...I am not saying that go with Justin...just see if you are really want a long a good relation then look for a person who is good at heart and have real feeling for you...


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