How to not be desperate but still let him know I am interested? a text

I am talking to this guy I really like and he likes me too, but I feel like I may be coming off as too desperate.. how can I pull things back a bit and make him chase me (without being bitchy or distant) I want to seduce him...


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  • Give him the flirty eyes O.O


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  • Its hard to do when you like the guy, but just think before you say things. Take longer to reply or ignore his texts altogether. This way he might see you playing hard to get and he might chase you, but don't do it for too long because then he might get tired of it and move on. Just make it look like the things he says don't really affect you and if he really likes you then I'm sure he will make the effort to chase you:)

    • I never go for the chase. if a girl backs off I assume I'm being too forword or agressave and I back off and assume she doesn't want me.

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