Time to finally let it go or try just one more time ...

Hi all

7 months ago my girlfriend ( been together for 2 years) dumped me. It was a very difficult period for the both of us, me starting my first job ( real busy) and her with a lot of issues she wouldn't talk to me about ,...

But after 7 months and a couple dates I still can't get her out of my head ...

What do I do ... try to re-establish contact or just try to completely chuck her out ... ?

Thanks all


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  • It's going to take time. If you go back to talking to her and being in her life, you're taking a step backwards. How are you going to feel when she tells you how well her life is going or the people she's dating? Do you really want to go back to day 1 of your heartbreak. Getting over a relationship is never easy and you have to have patience and know that it will take time. The more you spend on making yourself happy and feeling good, the easier things will become. Don't move backwards, more forward with your life. We only have one life to live so don't waste it on someone who took you for granted and caused you so much pain.

  • Aw, it seems to be really hard for you. Since you've tried moving on with dates already, maybe you could keep contact with your ex. It doesn't necessarily have to be like a relationship again, but just to stay friends. That way, it will be easier to settle your feelings. When she does want a relationship, you can always try of course, but keep in mind that it didn't work well the last time, so don't be disappointed when it wouldn't work out this time again.

    It sounds really cheesy, but for me it always seem to help: you could write down everything that happened, every small detail. Whenever I do that, it's like my feelings are poured onto the paper and stay on there for 90%. It's for me a great way to settle down my emotions, maybe it might help for you too. I hope you'll work it out, good luck xx


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