Should I call my ex back?

He was the one to break it off saying that he wanted to be single for a while and needed to figure out some things. He called yesterday, and I ignored the call. Should I return the call or just forget about it? Why or why not?


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  • I wouldn't because 1) you will end up hurt again if he was just calling to check in, but still not want to be with you or 2) you get back together and he breaks it off again and you end up hurt. It usually doesn't end well for the person who didn't want to end the relationship. I was there and we got a second chance and it ended up in more pain, heartbreak, and it hurts more the second time around. Maybe years down the road when you guys have had more time apart and more chances to grow as individuals, then I try again, but not now.

  • call him back. you never know what it could have been about. Just don't play games with him. If you want to talk to him then just talk to him.


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