My dad doesn't approve of my friendship with my ex

My ex and I are pretty much back together but we haven't put a label on it yet. I understand my dad has his concerns and that's fine but the problem is, is he keeps bringing it up pretty much every time I talk to him, is banning him from coming over and now says he's going to have a talk with him.. I'm getting sick and tired of this bullsh-t I'm a damn adult (21) and I can do what I want with my life! I know, the joys of living with parents. It's a completely temporary situation and I will be moving out soon but I just feel so much resentment towards my dad and I keep telling him to 'stop' but to no avail... What would you do or say if you were in my shoes? cause this is getting pretty ridiculous and I don't want this to wreck my relationship with my dad but I'm fed up.


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  • I am in your shoes! haha

    Though, I am officially with my boyfriend. We have had a rocky road..and currently, I have not told my dad that we are back together..I am out of the I figure when I get back I may do it...Though, I am also making sure things will last first before I do...

    However, my father has always disliked my boyfriend. always. I know how you start to hate your own father it feels like. You know you love him..but, it gets aggravating because he is trying to make you choose him or the guy. And, they shouldn't do that. My dad won't even let me bring mine anywhere around him period. It is aggravating. But, I just try to let my dad know less and less about him. It seems to work. I also had a conversation with my dad telling him that I know he loves me and wants best for me..but, I am going to do what I feel is right at the moment. And, there is nothing you will be able to do about it. If he is a piece of sh*t like you say, then I will learn from it.

    Just realize that your dad loves you very very much and he is only trying to protect you. Tell him that he is pushing you away and that he needs to back off and let you control your own life...but, in a nice way of course.

    Best wishes. xx


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  • What the the issues your dad has with your ex?

    You might consider cutting your dad some slack. Chances are he's trying to look out for you and doesn't want you to get hurt.

    • I do understand his concern and that's fine but the amount of times he brings it up is what's annoying the hell out of me.. you know? And the fact is he's not persistent with anybody else! My bro is dating a chick who cheated on him and is physically aggressive with him, my sister is dating a guy that cheated on her and beat her so... wth.. my ex tried to cheat on me when he was off his face (I know that's not an excuse) but if he tried that again I think he knows he'd be dead man walking lol

    • ...what is wrong with your family? I mean, I'm not trying to be rude... but why are you all dating cheaters/abusers?

      Perhaps your dad looks at you as the last hope for a normal relationship...

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  • @If I truly loved him..I would probably take any crap. Anything at all..I have been beat before..and controlled..and yelled at...Though, I am very happy without that sort of thing..if I was in another relationship like that..I would work with him to improve his abusive problems. I would try to help him.


    Effelgirl121- You're thoroughly insane. Why would you let anyone touch you. How can you respect yourself if you put up with disrespectful bullsh*t.

    Also, its dangerous. if someone can't control themselves. It only takes one blow up that's gone too far... You can't predict something that is out of control. that's the nature of irrational behavior- you can't predict it.

    if by 'rocky road' you mean he is abusive, you should use your brain and leave. I don't think you can know what love is, you cannot love someone who betrays your trust, and does not respect you. that's dependence-nlot love. See a shrink, seriously.

  • There are worse things in the world than having a parent that loves you. I would listen to your dad on this one. If you are sure he is wrong, give he the reasons you know he is wrong about your boyfriend. Your dad is a reasonable guy and can change his mind. It is possible that your dad already knows that more pain is coming your way and he is protecting you. In fact, I am sure that's what's going on. If I were you, I would let this guy go, and find a better one.

  • Honestly, your dad is seein something in your ex, that you are not. I am alsmost 30 and I promise you, you will understand why your dad doesn't like him. Maybe not now, but when you break up with him again. ( It will happen)You may think I don't know what I'm talking about, but trust me, I do! I did that stupid on again off again crap for 6 years! and in the end it hurt us both immensly. There is a reason why he is your ex- don't ever forget what that reason is.


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