My fiances ex won't leave her alone

My girlfriend has this ex and they have a 6yr old daughter together. They have been broken up for aboutt 6yrs, we have been together for over 2yrs. He phones her up and talks to her about his problems or what he is trying to change or work on for their daughters sake. Which turn out to be broken promises that affect her and her daughter. She has told him countless times that his problems are his problems and he has to work on them himself and quit asking her for advice or talking to her about it. I know it affects her and her daughter and that's what annoys me, why does he still have to bother her with his problems and why does she let it affect her?


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  • She has a child with him... he's always going to be in her life. That's something that will never change. You need to have a conversation with her about how to handle his communication habits with her.


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