Generally speaking, how do guys react right after a breakup?

I know it depends on the relationship, how much he loved the girl, who was the dumper/dumpee, etc...but generally speaking, how do guys react right after a breakup?

Generally speaking, a girl cry, eat alot/exercise too much, talk to her friends about him and how much of a jerk he was, etc...

What about guys? How about your minset after a breakup?

P.S. They say guys move on faster than girls.


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  • When I was dumped, I was pretty upset and nothing helped, except sleeping. When I slept, I never even dreamed about her. When I was awake, I ran myself harder at exercise in order to vent my frustration, but I ended up spraining my wrist.

    When my friend was cheated on, he was literally drunk for a week. It wasn't like he started drinking when he woke up each day, he was already drunk when the sun set and rose. He experimented with a few drugs at a concert, hooked up with another girl, and smoked enough cigs and marijuana to fill the grand canyon with butts.

    • OMG, what your friend did was self-destructive! Why so?

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    • I think they might say that because guys are still being driven by instinct and nature: If a man has failed at a relationship, he must continue to seek other options (other women) in order to be biologically successful.

    • So true :) I wish I know who you are. I think I commented on your answers many times. Aren't you the one who was dumped by his ex who was co-dependent on her brother?

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  • Nope, doesn't sound familiar. I stick to anonymity because I'm not sure if my crush is on this site too. :P


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  • My ex did the whole "get over her by getting on top of a new one" thing :)

    • Hahaha & then he tried to get back with you, huh?

    • No, he tried to get back with me before that :) He's now engaged to this new chick :)

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