My boyfriend doesn't trust me... I'm NOT cheating.

my boyfriend dated his ex girlfriend for 6 months and she cheated on him for the last four. basically he found out she was cheating and dumped her right away... he was really disappointed and heart broken, this was over a year ago... now me and my boyfriend have been together for about 8 months and I think we have a pretty healthy relationship and we both love each other a lot :) .. but the problem is he doesn't trust me.. he is worried I am sneaking around behind his back like his ex did.. I have paid zero interest to any guys and I am completely faithful.. what can I do or say to make him realize I'M NOT HER and I WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON HIM ! ? I just want more trust in the relationship because I hope we stay together for a long time and that won't happen without trust.


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  • You might need to "give the baby his bottle" and appease him if he wants to see your FB messages, texts, emails, and what not. But make sure that you tell him you need the same latitude. If he is constantly suspicious and nervous, it will take very little to send him over the deep end.


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  • His mistake.

    He gave his trust too fast.

    Trust comes with time, and he learned the hard don't expect a certain level of trust after only 8 months.

  • Disagree with Anonymous.. don't give him access to sh*t.. if he can't trust you, get another boyfriend.. there's plenty of guys out there.

  • trust + respect + acceptance = healthy relationship...

    • thats why I am asking for advice.. to get more trust from my boyfriend

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    • r you high?

    • i wish :D

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