Does my ex just want to be friends?

So well over a year ago I was with my ex, we got on well and we didn't have any big arguments and the only reason we ended it was because I had the chance to move away and learn to speak French and live abroad with a family member...a once in a life opportunity! So I figured if I don't do this now...i never will!

He begged me not to go and weeks before I went, knowing I wouldn't stay he distanced himself from me, normal I guess! I knew he loved me then, but now I'm not so sure!

So now I'm with my current boyfriend and have been together for almost a year and we're happy, not perfect we have the occasional argument like any couple!

But for someone that hasn't spoken to me in over a year (even though it's just on fb) is strange as he seems to want to know me again and I don't know how I should act... like I don't want to jump straight in and say do you still have feelings for me? if it turns out he says no like I'm assuming he does when perhaps he doesn't...i hope you know what I mean!

Basically I would like some advice on what I should look out for if he does still like me, if he is just looking to be friends again, if he's looking for closure or something...What do you guys think?


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  • First, I think that is very selfish of him to beg you not to take such an opportunity. That's a d***head move.

    But just to be clear, you are with your current boyfriend and your ex contacted you on FB? (Assuming that's correct) What can possibly come from finding out whether he has feelings or not? If you are committed to your boyfriend, then your ex's feelings towards you shouldn't matter. You've both moved on. If you want to try and be friends, that's great - but why complicate an uncomplicated situation?

    If you are unhappy with your boyfriend and want to consider getting back with your ex, break things off with your boyfriend. To me, it kinda sounds like you want to find out whether your ex still wants you and then determined whether or not you want to stay with your boyfriend. Your boyfriend shouldn't be a last resort.

    If you're just curious about your ex's intentions - who cares? You both didn't work out, you're with someone else, and he should respect that. In this case it's friends or nothing, really.

    • what I was trying to explain was how to spot his intentions basically yeh! I guess you're right! thanks :)

    • You're welcome. Good luck :)

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  • I think you are already in a relationship and you are already emotionally cheating.


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  • Just talk to him and be friends if he wants you back you will be able to tell.. Womens intuition! I wouldn't stress it tho. If you are happy with your current boyfriend it shouldn't matter if he is or not trying to get back with you. Just let him know that if you see that he is trying to make his way back into your life that you are happy and this would just be a friendship.

    Also friends don't normally talk everyday all the time, esp not with an ex. So if you see he is always trying to talk to you when you are online then that would be a sign. If it 's just a hey how are you doing I'm bored lets talk thing once in a while then he is just looking for friendship. I normally miss the friendship part with my exes and I do remain friends with them. But it's very casual and scattered, whether I'm single or not.


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