Ask a guy if he is seeing someone?

I am curious to see if anyone can answer this question. is it wrong to ask a guy which is a semi friend, if he is seeing or what not with a girl that you knew yourself personally? that she and you spent a lot of time with and such.


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  • No, it's not wrong. "What's her story? Is she seeing anyone?"

    or "Are you seeing anyone?"

    Take your pick.


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  • No its NOT wrong as long as the question is simple and basic. Such as "hey X I am wondering about that X girl? what you know about her, if she's seeing anyone etc" or something similar. (its not even wrong for a guy to ask a girl about another girl, its all in the presentation)


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  • So she's asking you if you are seeing a girl you both know very well? To me it sounds like the girl who is asking you was asked by the other girl who you spend time with, to see where you stand with her.

    No, I don't see anything wrong with it. She just wants to know how you feel about her but doesn't want to ask herself. Just remember what-ever you told her the other girl was told.