Why would he send me this message?

My ex told me that he saw positive changes in me. I asked him to explain and he hasn't responded. why would he even send me this kind of message? wouldn't he think that I would ask him to explain? I just wanted to hear what he had to say. I feel like I have changed but I didn't do it for him, could he think I did it for him?


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  • I don't think that he thinks that you did it for him!

    I don't think he would think that you are thinking about asking him.

    You are overthinking.

    You should change for yourself towards your better you. I think he merely stated that you are doing fine.

    If he wants to start something again you'll know. He will keep communicating more ... etc. You will know.

    • yeah as I wrote that I realized that I was over thinking everything. I still have feelings for my ex boyfriend and I don't want to give up hope. However, I'm happy with who I am and enjoying life.

      Our communication has increased in the last week or so, it was just interesting to get that message from him.

    • I was like that towards my ex. It is not good state of mind to expect something to happen. There is all saying: Abandon all hope! Well I think that it is just partially true. But you just mess things up when you get too excited that it can return. Don't do that. Just do what you do always. Work for the best. Give in effort but don't think at any time that it is going to happen. If it will you will be happy. If it won't move on.

    • There is another saying: A drowning man catches at a straw!

      Point is that when you swim, you have to move arms and legs at all times. If you get scared and catch on any single thing that makes you hope a little. Like a straw, you will stop swimming you will sink and drown. Abandon hope in such little things. When you are on land, you'll know it. Until than ... swim and don't look back!

  • I think you changed for him and not yourself

    • nope. I realized who I wanted to be and decided that was my goal.

      Looking over my question at no point does it sound like I hinted at changing for him. You what did exactly what I did. You read more into the message then was there and made your conclusion from the story you made up.

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    • I do appreciae your comment becuase it did make me stop and think about my goals and I can honestly say that I'm living my life for me not him. I get why you would make that call. But sorry to say that you are 100% wrong.

    • no need to be sorry and I am happy that you are making good changes for yourself. I get the feeling that leaving him alone may be the healthier thing for you. lol I could be again 100% wrong ( I am on a hot streak lol )

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