Ex carries on hurting me and I'm not sure how much longer I can take it . .

Me and my ex was together a year very loving relationship, we split after a nasty break up and two weeks later he has a new girlfriend, he says he net her by chance but has completely rubbed her in my face, when we was still arguing at the beginning off their relationship he kept feeling the need to tell me how amazing she is or how she has met all his family and how they are trying for a baby and how she is amazing etc. he said when we first started talking after the break up that he was thinking about me and felt bad about not getting back with me, so he obviously thinks about me. I know he might love her etc but it all just seems so quick, its only been three weeks since we split. He is part off a forum (not this one) which he knows ill read and he keeps writing things about her last night he put 'its Mrs and his name on their birthday what do I get her?' there wasn't really a lot off need knowing ill read it. . . I'm not saying he doesn't love her in sure he does:( but how could he move on so fast and rub her in my face?

Please help :(


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  • It happens. This guy is a complete jerk. Stay away from any social network he may be a member of.

    People fall out of love all the time but guys that intentionally go out of there way to hurt someone after a break-up are toxic. Thank your lucky stars you are no longer in a relationship with him.

    Be happy and thank god he is no longer your problem.


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