How to make someone want you back?

I'm not really asking how to make someone love you because I know that cannot happen, I'm more so asking how to reignite the flame you two once had and remind her why she fell for you?

In my situation we hang out and when we do its ALWAYS amazing. She laughs constantly, tells me how easy it is to love someone like me, always tells me she had an great time and can't wait to do it again soon.

But this questions is not just for my situation, in general if someone can fall back in love with you(do you think someone can fall back in love with another person?), how do you go about reminding them without being too forward? A little distance/unavailability here and there to make them realize what its like when you can't always be there? I need some help here.

There are more than one question throughout the paragraphs. Sorry about that. just trying to ask and find answers or maybe hear something I never thought of.


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  • If someone loves you, really loves you, that love doesn't go away, even if the relationship breaks up. You end up being friends or end up hating each other to an illogical extent because of the breech of trust that accompanied the love you felt.

    Can you make someone fall back in love? I suppose, but what that really means is that they would have to trust you implicitly (and the same would have to go for you). That's a really tall order for most people.

    • interesting...should I be less available maybe? like hang out but not as often as I am? or could I be missing opportunities with me being semi distant...i just want her to see me again for who I am! I know deep down she isn't over me, either that or she's keeping me around for her convenience :/

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    • thank you, I hope I make the right decision. I don't want to be romantic right away, I need to keep my options open for various reasons but if I can make it work or at least remind her why she fell for me then it will be worth it in the end...i guess time will tell

    • :-)

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  • I would think "maybe" be with that person all day, talk about life, nature, people, etc. I agree with Anon user, that if someone loves, the love doesn't go away even if the relationship is over. I don't have the right answer here, but there is always a way to get someone you love back by reminding them what a great person you are, and how you make them feel at the end of the day.


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