Ex boyfriend was sharing with me his life goals. I don't understand why he would do that?

24 hours ago my ex boyfriend was sharing with me his life goals and was telling me how great I was. He is now currently with some new girl.

Why would he do that?


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  • Does his life goal include you? If not, then there's no reason you should care or have to listen. And if he already have another girlfriend and you're still hurting, why are you still hanging around him? Don't mean to sound harsh, but you need to consider how you would feel when you talk to him. If you're going to feel hurt and/or confused, don't do it. If you still have feelings for him, don't see him. If it has anything to do with your ex, just avoid it like the plague. Then once you're over him and he doesn't have the same affect on you, then you can be his friend and talk to him about whatever. Until you're there, you shouldn't be around him or even need to know what he's doing.

    • I get what yo are saying. Its just not that easy because we live in the same building and I see him all the time.

    • Maybe it's time to move. Or if you can't, then maybe try to not run into him. You must know his schedule. Or if you do run into him, keep it short and polite. There's no reason to stop and chat. You can pass by him with a hello and walk on. If you wants to talk, tell him that you don't think it's a good idea right now. If he still doesn't go away, then you need to let him know that you're trying to get over him and to have him around all the time is not helping. Just do it in a polite way.

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  • Maybe he regards you as a good friend, and wants a friendship to continue even though you broke up. Be nice to him, he still wants a friendship.

    • what abut my feelings? Why should I care if he wants to be friends after he hurt me?

      Seriously, how can you tell one girl how great she is and then go out with another girl?

    • BEcause that's the way boys are- foolish.

    • foolish to think I want to be friends or foolish to tell me I'm great and then 24 hours be with another girl?

  • well he's an ex for a reason. He can date whoever he wants

    • That wasn't the question. He can date whoever he wants and go ahead but why out of the blue is he telling me his life goals?

      Go Chiefs!

  • may be he found a better girl then u?

    • okay, that's a harsh slap in the face. Thanks!

      why doesn't he tell her all these goals?

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    • i m sure he might wanted to talk to some one whom he knows as he might be feeling alone or his new girlfriend and him not working out

    • we dated for about 2 years, he didn't really talk about his goals with me then only his frustrations. Here we are 2 months later, he's dating this ugly troll (I saw her, I'm cutier then she is) but he's sharing his goals with me. That's what I don't understand. should he be sharing them with her not me.

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  • well, he's your ex. he's free to date whoever he wants. maybe he was just bouncing ideas off of you, as a friend.

    • I get that. Its just that we've been broken up for like 2 months. he's already seeing this other girl. shouldn't he being telling her about his goals? why would he care what I think?

    • probably because you know him well since you dated. maybe he just wanted to talk to a friend, not a new girl.

    • I feel used. Like he's wanting the support from me that he needs but gets to go have the freedom he wants

  • I don't like this kind of guy to be honest.He sounds like he wants to make you feel bad about the break up.Or want you to feel regret for it.If I was you I will tell him that I don't give a sh*t about wht is he doing.

    • I just did the "you can do it" kind of cheerleader. To make matters worst I have feelings for him and I was on my way to getting over him. I live in the same building as the guy so I see him all the time and I know when he's home and he's out.

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