Is this cheating? Should I tell him?

Befor me and my boyfriend were together, we went with some friends on vacation. Like I said we werent together, but we we're hooking up. And I knew he wanted something serious and I told him we should try how it works out BUT we didn't actually say we are boyfriend and girlfriend. Nor did we do anything like that. We just hooked up form time to time . WEll now in this vacation we were clubbing and there was a guy inviting me for a lot of drinks and I was pretty drunk. And this guy kissed me. I was that drunk that it took me a little to push him away. And I felt terrible because I actually liked my (now-)bf. fe wweeks late we got officially together but I never told him about this incident. I'm actually not like that when I'm drunk and have a boyfriend. But since it wasn't clear what we were there wasn't that bell that rang in my head and alarmed me to stop.

soo what should I do?


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  • ill be honest with you...if he's your boyfriend now then you pretty much knew from an earlier point, before your vacation, that you too had something that could develop into more, you technically didn't cheat...but realistically, you did..


    NOW ...i don't know how some people do it, but with me, I don't need to sit a girl down and sign contracts for us both to know that we probably shouldn't do things with other people, I think you know what you did wasn't right, hence why you've posted it as a question.

    THE GOOD NEWS IS: Your a good person, at least you feel guilty about the mistake, even though I believe saying your 'drunk' is the worst excuse known to man. At least you realize to some level that your actions weren't right, and that's better than most...

    As to what you should probably already know that your going to take this secret to the grave with you loool

    In all honestly if I was your man, I'd REALLY REALLY REALLY like to know this bit of information about our relationship so I know how best to plot my revenge...buuut I'm not your man and I haven't a clue what type of guy he is...but to be safe, don't tell him, but if you see him as husband material, tell him and see if he'll still stand beside'll feel burden-less as opposed to a snake. lol

    Best of Luck! x


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  • It's no big deal, don't tell him about cause I'm sure he doesn't want to know, but you shouldn't feel guilty either.

  • Don't tell him anything. Just forget about it. You were drunk. Don't tell him.


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  • hmm you kinda should tell him because it could catch up with you later then again it might ruin everything I mean if you were drunk and you never wanted it to happened and you weren't officially dating at the time then I wouldn't say its cheating but still you should do what you think is best for your relationship and yourself

  • Hmm I think you should tell him. But DON'T make a big deal about it. The more pressure you put on yourself to tell him, the bigger it's going to seem to both you and him.

    to give you an example my boyfriend and I were talking about our sexual history (in the early months of us dating) and I just casually mentioned that I was still seeing my friends with benefits up until the end of March. We had begun dating each other in early February. But I told him as soon as I knew it was going to be serious between us, I stopped seeing him. He was totally cool with it and I'm sure your guy will be too especially since it was a random drunk kiss!

    Just explain you were drunk and weren't sure where things were heading between you too. The main thing is, you pushed the guy away! I was sleeping with another guy! Lol.

    You'll be fine hun. Hopefully you'll see by my story, what you did is VERY innocent :)


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