Not only do I miss ex, but I miss his family too, advice?

i don't understand why, because I never had a problem with his family, but I was never super into them either. I feel like they would have been less than average in-laws if my ex and I had ever decided to get married (we were together 4 years and talked about it).

my ex didn't have a great relationship with his parents either, theyre a very quiet keep-to-yourself kind of family.

i just saw a picture of his family and him, and then one of his mom and I just broke down into tears. something inside me misses them too. I don't know why. what do I do? theyre gone from my life forever, but they were there for so long. and we've been broken up for a year and a half. what's going on? and what's a girl to do?


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  • After being apart of that long, I think you should move you. You said that you weren't super into them when you were together so seeing a picture of them made you miss the relationship, but that doesn't mean that you miss them. Believe it or not, they are also reminders of your old life.

    I wasn't really into my ex's family either, but I liked his siblings. Since the breakup, I also avoid them too since seeing them is like seeing him.

    And why are you looking at old pictures. You should never do that until you're 100% sure you're over that person.


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