Feel worthless and horrible over break up, advice needed?

Me and my ex was together a year, we was so close amazing relationship, went through a lot with kids and things, things went wrong and two and a bit weeks ago we split, not long after he has a new girlfriend he's not really one to have one, he was single for at least 2 years before he met me. I'm finding the fact he has someone else really hard and to make matters worse he constantly rubs her in my face, he took her to meet all his family some I hvnt even met, and told me there trying for a baby and that everyone loves her and so does he, I never even asked anything about them, he constantly rub rowed with me for ages and would ring me to row, he keeps writing on this forum he knows ill read asking questions like what shall I get my girlfriend for her birthday refering to her as Mrs and his name knowing ill read it, it hurts so much knowing he spends every weekend with her she lives two hours away from him but how has he moved on so fast it hurts so much, its like I never meant anything?:(


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  • I feel this way all the time. This, my friend, is all that my only girlfriend ever got me. Now I'm messed up in the head, depressed, and I feel more horribly alone than ever.

  • move on...

    ur the only one holding onto the past...


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