Maybe she's better off?

Got into another big fight with my SO. Broke up. Done this many times before. Urge to go back but maybe I need to stop, rethink, and fix myself ( I'm the cause of most of our issues ) before going back. Thinking maybe it's better I don't go back.



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  • If you are the cause of the break-ups, then for her sake don't go back. She doesn't deserve someone who puts her through that. Be single for a while and work on yourself so you can actually have a relationship void of intense absurd drama and break-ups.


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  • Yeah. I agree.

  • She can decide what is good for her. On this, if you want to be with her, try to be with her. But first make sure that you have a game plan for how to make things different this time around. She might not want to get back together, but that's her choice.

  • It all comes down to one simple question-do you love the girl?If you do then you do everything you can to get back with her and make the relationship work,talk things out and resolve your issues together

    • Sometimes I don't believe love is enough. You need more than that, things like effort and compatibility; love is neat and it's strong and takes you far, but only so far; it isn't an equalizer.

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