Guys, would you give her a second chance?

If there was a girl that you were really into (i.e. felt a "connection" with her - his friends told me he said this) for over a year but gave up on her finally because you mistakenly thought she was rejecting you (she was just shy), would you give her another chance?

How would you react if she randomly started being friendly/talking to you again?

He is shy too. But I am rather determined to speak to him again regardless next time I see him. Any advice? Thanks!

haha thanks guys. but by "rejecting" I mean if you were hanging around her but couldn't work up the nerve to say anything, and she was just too shy to start the conversation, so you gave up...

how would you react if she started talking to you the next time you see her?


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  • There is no "second chance" because there wasn't a first; you both were too chickensh*t to talk to each other so anyone who starts is just winning you both the prize.

    • true story. thanks lol

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  • If you're asking if I'd ask her out again, then no. I would go out with her if she asked me, though.

    • Yup you're gonna have to do the asking out QA

    • I don't know why he would react differently if you start talking again, and I don't know how you know he "gave up."

    • I doubt he'd ignore you, if that's what's worrying you.

  • As others have said, if he's given up he's not going to ask you, but he will most likely accept a date if asked.

    • answers still's really not that much different

  • That is pretty much the only way to get one. But it's possible.


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