Don't Go Breakin' My Heart!

Hey, how many times have you had your heart broken?

What's the worst heart break that you've experienced?

Do you still love them despite everything?

Will you EVER give to another the way you did with that person you decided to give your all to?


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  • one year during high school I was courting this girl since the start of school year and everything just seemed to fall in place (like our assigned seats were next to each other, one time she left her book and I took it so that I could return it to her [which she was veerrrry grateful for] and all that stuff..) and anyways sometime during the spring semester as we were getting closer and closer I made my move and told her that I liked her and I just laid it alllll out while we were walking from 1 class to another (we had the same classes) and she flat out rejected me and told me that she didn't like me... so I was feeling pretty bad.. later I was talking to a mutual friend about it (a guy) and he told me that she told him a long time ago that I had NO chance of getting with her... so that hurt.. but my friend didn't tell me that because he still wanted me to try and get some experience with it all.. so I guess it wasn't all bad

    i don't have any bad feelings towards her, I don't really see her anymore though.. but if I end up in the same situation with another girl I'm definitely going to do it again.. I don't regret it one bit

    • AWWWWWW. omg. what a beyotch. haha. and I don't know whos the bigger one your friend or her. lol.

    • lol its all good...

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    Sorry I couldn't resist LOL I love the song especially that rendition

    Yeah yeah yeah I had my heart broken. And with each consecutive time it does NOT get easier.

    And friends, it doesn't seem to matter if they're male or female, they've all broken my heart.

    It would have been my girlfrind in 1984-5. Christine. My dad was a nasty influence. We were just high school kids then. Dad said "Find someone your own age" because she was three years younger. He said "Find someone who can walk" - he said "Find someone NORMAL" and I realized that I really couldn't talk to him. But at one point Christine gave in and said that maybe she was too young for me. I was devastated. To make matters worse she married a guy twice our age. So much for her being too young. I never disliked her but I had to move on. I married someone different. She freaked when Christine called out of the blue with a sob story that she left the guy she left me for because he was abusive. Well... she had her chance. I've never gone back to someone I broke up with.

    • lol. omg that is so sad =( well you never know the second time might be different. but it sucks things didn't work out but you found someone who loves you =)

  • Haven't given anyone my all yet. But the worst I got my heart smashed was probably when I texted this girl and she textted back 'erase my number! I don't want you to have it!"

    I was crushed. Couldn't sleep at all that night. :'-(

    • =( awwwww lol. was she? hahahha. =P a random chick or someone you really liked or started to love?

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    • well...i guess you should be happy that's all you've experienced. =P

    • She's so heartless :(

  • Who was that? Elton John & Kiki Dee..Not a big Elton John fan...liked Kiki Dee "I got the music in me" Almost every male I know of has been humbled by a female..yes that includes me..i got my nose rubbed in the dusted by my own F*** she was a darling tho...): I dranl a lot and lost 17 lbs

  • Even one is too many, and it's been more than one

    ya... we'll not go into that

    Sorta? I mean, I am kinda mixed about it. Both hate and still have some love for her.

    I'll try, but it might take more time.

    • i see. I'm srry to hear that. do you still talk to her? did it end badly? or is the wound still too deep?

    • I talk to one sometimes, but she ended things a lot more maturely. The first I don't talk to at all. She stopped staying in contact like a little bitch and ya... it ended badly.

  • once...the first time is hopefully the worst, because I don't think I can go through this process again.

    • =( aww I'm srry. hopefully it doesn't but if it does don't give up =)

  • No I would not get it pierced!


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  • You have gotten that song stuck in my head. Congratulations I was listening to the blues and it smacked me across my face.

    Now the greatest heartbreak would be a guy who said they loved me, would catch me when I fell and I gave him everything because I don't half ass anything. He took what he wanted, and then when I fell he let me shatter and walked away.

    I haven't heard word of him since.

    • =( that sucks. what drew you to him?

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    • I have found someone much better now.

    • oh. that's great XD good to hear. haha.

  • Oh I love this! Great question! =)

    My first real "love" was the worst break up I've had to deal with I think.. I was so in love with him, we where tight!

    Things got really bad at the end of the relationship, & kinda quickly too (which looking back, I'm thankful for)

    I actually walked in on him & some hoochie.. It wasn't kool & took me a while to get over that whole effed up situation.. It was hard..

    I didn't start dating for at least 7 months after.. That kinda sounds soon, but I had to get outta the slum I was in!

    He tried to contact me a few times after that, I told him to eat shiiiit & die.. Oh & that I wouldn't wee on him if he's stupid assss was on fire! Lols.. Heyy, he didn't deserve all of this! =) =)

    I didn't have anything too serious after that relationship for like 2 years, koz I was young, partying hard & didn't wuna be in a relationship.. It was great!

    Im now with a guy who had to deal with my insecurities, but fully understood what I had went through & knew it was hard for me.. I told him straight up, he had to work for it!

    He did & almost 3 years later we're still going strong.. He treats me like a princess & I can fully trust him!

    Thank god for the retard I dated back then koz without him treating me the way he did, I wouldn't have found my gorgeous guy =D

    • awwww that's sweet...well the end was. hahaha. omg! I don't know what I'd do if that would happen. maybe something evil. =P well I'm glad it worked out in the end. thank you for sharing =)

  • Well I'd say once but maybe more but I don't care about the other times anymore. Worst was probably last year and I'm not sure I'll get over it. I probably won't ever trust someone like that again. I've tried three relationships after that and I've sabotaged all of them.

    • =( I'm sorry to hear that. if you work through it I'm sure you'll be able to. and I hope you can because if you keep pushing away might push away the best thing you eveer would expect...and I kno you don't want that.

  • I've been heartbroken and he wasn't even mine. Not I don't still love him because I moved on to better. I don't think I even "loved" him, I think I brainwashed myself to liking him. HS life hah. But I'm currently crushin' on this one guy and it's even worse than being in a relationship with him. He likes me back and it's just super complicated.

    • =( well if you ever wanna about it, you can with me or someone else you trust. haha.

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