What can a girl do to make a guy feel special?

so I came across this dating advice and I wonder what can a girl do to make a guy feel special?

9. Make him feel special

Just like you want to be felt special, you should also do the same for guys. For starters, you could give him indirect hints that you are interested in him. You should let him know that you like him and want to know him in a better way.


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  • its really not very complicated. If you like the guy, show him it. If you think he's special, make him feel that way. Guys like it when girls get a little more direct than just hints, because there are some guys out there who just won't understand the hints you give them. Sometimes you just got to make it straight up obvious.

    again, it varies from guy to guy. but the more direct it is, the better.

    • good point. hmm what is direct to you? how direct is direct?

    • what is direct? ask him to come with you to places. Ask him to come watch a movie with you, ask him to go get ice cream, ask him to go on a walk with you, the list goes on.

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  • Guys need affirmation like anyone else. Compliment him on his appearance, an accomplishment, cook him his favorite meal just because, write him a note, things like that.

  • If he enjoys watching sports, sit down once in a while and watch with him. (Ex. Football. If you also learn some things like how many pts a field goal or touchdown is worth that will definitely score some bonus pts.)


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