How has he moved on SO fast?

was with the ex for 10 months. we lived together. the last month was on and off. we broke up officially 3 and a half weeks ago - no more trying to make it work.

at the start of the month he went to a wedding. a couple of weeks before he went to the wedding he added a girl on Facebook and for some reason my mind went 'uh oh'. he said it was his 'cousin' - not blood related, just his stepsisters cousin. I said OK as I didn't want to cause more arguments. I asked if she'd be at the wedding he said he didn't know.

he slept over at the hotel the wedding was at. (went to sleep at 12 which I thought was early for a wedding?!)

for the past 3 weeks he's been saying he's confused. one minute he wanted to try again, then he didn't. been texting me almost every day for that 3/4 weeks of break up. I saw him out last Friday...we chatted and kissed. he was all cuddly with me like he used to be. he said he missed lying next to me in bed and missed me being there. at one point (I know it was a slip of the tongue) he said ...we either get back together or don't talk again...?!

a few days ago he thought he saw a guy in my car and flipped out at me and went mental saying I'd moved on fast etc...then later that day said he still loved me. and that was the last I heard of him.

I found out last night he's now in a new relationship with the 'cousin' can he move on so fast? she lives about 2 hours away and I think he goes up there every weekend to see her. I'm guessing they've only been talking for 4/5 weeks at the very most - he'd only met her a few times before the wedding.

the day of the wedding (4 weeks ago) he was telling me how much its made him realize he wants to marry me etc...and now he's with someone else?!

please someone explain? I doubt she's a rebound cos he travels miles to see her...which makes it worse!


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  • its simple you rejected him and he was hurt, the cousin gave him a shoulder and thus feelings for her developed

    in physics we say the hotter it is the faster it cools

    so here is the proof

    btw he hasn't movedon he would be going and forth between you two girls for around a month or two that's the time you got to get him back for after that it would be too late


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  • He may of not of moved on that fast. I would not be surprised if this was planned or was already going on before the official break-up. I am sorry for you and hope you can get over it as soon as possible. I know it hurts as I have been in similar situations.


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  • The same thing just happened to me. As Anonymous User was probably already going on. Girl...the best thing you can do is go on with your life, but be ready to pull up a chair and watch what KARMA has in store for the a$$hole! I know how much you are hurting. Good luck!

  • Most boys that I know don't "move-on" just need a band-aid for their hurt. They think they are moving forward when all they are doing is covering up their feelings and trying to find ways to make themselves to feel better.

    He sounds confussed and you need to realize that there is nothing you can do about that. Just live your life and be happy.

  • The same way my ex moved on with his current girlfriend a week after we broke up. They've been together for a year and a half. Some dudes have no respect for anyone. Don't talk to him anymore he's an ass.


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