Guys why do guys text their ex gfs?

Guys, when you're txting your ex girlfriend, all the time and I mean all the time, then not talk to her for 2 days then text her super early in the fricken morning, then I respond and then he doesn't respond at all, what the hell is going through his mind. I've had enough, he's really pushed me away, we agreed on staying friends but I can't do it anymore it's only at his convenience.


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  • He still likes you but finds it awkward on just being friends so he's trying to space himself

    • hmmm. Idunno bad on his part, cause He doesn't have a chance anymore.

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    • and to me that means he's working on our relationship, and we are taking baby steps, but I'm so inpacient! like, I should be using this time to better myself and instead I'm just bitching cause we arn't together. I have officaly decided women are stupid.

    • Hey it is probably not as bad as being the guy waiting on the girl, trust me that shit sucks a lot worse knowing there are more women out there, yet you're always strung up on just one, but sometimes you just have to keep moving forward if he really wants to be with you he will find a way to get you back stop sweating him, after all HE messed up

  • I do that too to drive her crazy and make her suffer because she was a bitch and I enjoy returning the favor

    • I wasn't a bitch tho, he left me cause I caught him lieing to me and it made him mad I wanted space..

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