If your ex decided to leave the state, would you do anything?

we broke up a couple months ago. I moved to this state to be with him. I want to get back together, he wants space. I have nothing else keeping me here. he will not tell me it is completely over. we were together for 6 years. I've been waiting for him, but I've decided to go a head and move on and do a 3 month program outside of the state. I told him about it yesterday and he seemed surprised. he did not ask me if I was planning on coming back, he just said, "wow... when did you decide to do this? are you for sure doing it? when are you going?" I told him the date I was going (in about 10-15 days).

so, I'm wondering what you would do in this scenario if you were him? if you possibly wanted to get back together in the future, what would you do or say? if you did not care, would you do or say anything? would you want to see me before I left? none of my leaving is a test of his affection or anything, I just wonder what to expect.


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  • in my head id be glad and at the same time understand she's moving forward. if I was in his situation just keep in touch,email,chat ect. just let her know I'm still there for her.


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