How can I get over my ex when she is still my best friend?

we hang out, but she more times than none reminds me that she'll never be with me again or marry me. I don't get it, why she does that? we are so close we know everything about one another. she has had issues trusting me. she says she doesn't want to see me hurt but every time she brings up the past I get depressed because I lost my chance :/

this is so hard to lose a best friend...even when she is my ex. I don't know what to do :/ if a girl tells you shell never be with you but her actions show otherwise does her word still hold true? I'm so messed up, I just want to be happy


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  • I'm having the same problem with an ex who is a very close friend now. He says we'll never have that kinf of relationship again so I took him at his word and forced myself to move on. Whether you think you're ready or not, try dating again. I found a guy who really treats me well this way and that's what made me realize I'm better off with someone who really does want me than my ex/friend who just wants me to be available to him.

    • I have found people. I've dated, we both have but we always come back to one another :/ ugh I'm so depressed

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    • def keeping me around for her advantage

    • Then drop her ass, that's what I had to do with my You deserve better than to be used. ex.

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  • I'd say you're incapable of moving on BECAUSE she is still your best friend. How are you supposed to move on when she is around you so often and constantly reminding you of the past?


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