Why am I the bad guy/immature ex?

We didn't date for that long but their seemed to be a strong attraction on both sides. Their was apparently another guy hanging around (a back up). Basically she chose me initially! Admitedly I was a little negletfull to her (didn't call her for days etc) but I was under pressure at work and she had just moved away to college. Anyway long story short she broke up with me and hooked up with this other guy (they've been dating for a year now). At the time I was hurt and angry though was mature and respectfull and kept my distance. Now it's done, feelings are gone and I've moved on. We share a lot of friends but rarely see each other at the same gatherings. Whenever I visit friends in her college it seems she has been getting annoyed/upset that I haven't invited her out and thinks I'm being immature and childish. In all honesty I wouldn't care if she ended up at the same place but I don't really think it's that childish too not invite her personally. I'm was never interested in staying friends after what happened but have no hard feelings and would happily talk to her if I bumped into her. But do I really need to invite someone I'm not that interested in (friendship or otherwise)? Thoughts please?


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  • I sense that she thinks you neglected her. Even though she broke it off with you, she probably hasn't completely moved on. She has a boyfriend, but there are still feelings for you.

    I would think that you have any obligation to invite her anywhere, whether she's your friend or not. It's your decision, if you want to do that then go for it, but if not, screw it. She's the one being immature about the whole situation.

    • she said it. dude I dealt with a similair issue. I told her straight up what's on her mind while we were walking and she did say she had feelings, but I said I don't ruin her current relationship. and I'm over to at this point. but yeah man its your choice,

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  • Girls say that just to make you feel bad because they broke up with you


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