How could I ask he out can someone please tell me?

can someone tell me what to say when I ask her out because I don't no what to say and I get shy and can someone tell me what's nice to say?


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  • yeah just say hey hows it going and be confident :) don't ask he rout right away just get to know her first then after about a week or so ask if she would like to go to the movies with you or something and say nice things to her once you get to know her like you like nice today would you like to have lunch sometime its easy I say stuff like that whenever I like a guy


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  • You get her attention. Let her know that you're a bit nervous, but want to know if she would like to go out with her.

  • go up to them and thrust your pelvis and look them in the eyes

    don't worry. they'll get it.

  • say hi, how are you doing. don't ask her out yet. just work on saying hi first


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