Do you think he will give me a second chance?

So this guy I dated we broke up before school need last yer and I broke up with him well I still like him and he asked me out like 3 times and August and I just kept saying I don't know but now I know how I feel about hima and I want to go out with him again do you think if I tell him I like him he will give me a second chance


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  • i think he'll say yes. and what's the worse that can happen? he say no? at least he knows you are interested now. and then you won't be wondering about it later in like. no "what ifs". you know?

  • After rejectimg him three times, you just then start getting feelings for him out of the blue? Seems like you just got lonely. You obviously don't know what you want, just focus on school lol..

    • um yah. but fyi I've liked him all along

    • Thanks for the information. That explains a lot on why you broke up with him and rejected him three times after that.

    • yah well I shouldn't of listened to my friends

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