After a break up what happens in two days?

So me and my ex have been going out for 5 months then we broke up because we fought a lot and he needed space. but he kept calling and wanted to hangout and stuff. then he said he wanted to get back together and he still liked me and two days later he says he doesn't want anything with me anymore. WHY IS THAT? I'm so confused and why did he keep calling if he wanted space?


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  • Well, I guess it's a mix of him needing you/wanting you and being sick of you. It's like, he is still emotionally attached to you and will keep thinking about you when you're not there, but when you two spend time together you end up fighting and he wants to get away again.

    It's pretty common actually. Your mind tells you that it doesn't work anymore, but your body/feelings crave for the other person.

    • if that's the case I would break it off and try to listen to "what the mind is telling me"

What Girls Said 1

  • He obviously doesn't know what he wants yet. He probably called you to hang out because he is so used to you? And the reason why he said he doesn't want anything to do with you, would be because he doesn't want to look "low" and ask you back, so he probably reckons letting go is better than working things out.

    Remember; he doesn't know what he has until its gone, if he really loves you he would come back to you, just give it a few weeks.


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