What does it mean when your ex still texts you?

My boyfriend broke up with me. But he still keeps on texting me especially when he's upset. I really don't know what to think and what to do. any advice?


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  • My ex was the same! either he was upset or he was out and there were no better girls. Waste of my time, trust me they message you when they are upset because they need an ego boost, because they broke up with you they will always think you want them back - makes them feel good ! but then as soon as there on top of the world again you don't hear from him, and if your upset he doesn't comfort you like he should. Absolute ego feeding users! waste of bloody time - get out now while your ahead! - you play your own mind games thinking if you can help him then he will want you back, no quite the opposite; he will think you are just waiting around for him!


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  • Texting is so impersonal. You should call him or have a guy friend do it and pretend to be "new Boyfriend" See what his problem is.

    (ring) hello?

    Why are texting blah blah so much?

    who's this?

    This is blah blah's boyfriend, and, I need you to quit your shi#.


    I gotta go, we're about to have shower sex.

    (Click) doop doop doop dooooooooooooo...


What Girls Said 2

  • He's reaching out to you for emotional support. But he's not wanting to give you anything in return. If I was in your shoes I'd stop being so supportive, I'm certain he has other people he can count on so let him count on them. Constantly helping him like this isn't going to help you get over him anytime soon.

  • He likes the free ride. He wants to keep your friendship.

    • what I don't understand is that he told me he needed space, he needed time to be alone. so I don't respond to his messages anymore. but he still keeps on texting me.

    • Obviously, he wants you back because he can't find any girl like you who would take his assholishness with a smile.

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