Ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend but is keeping me hanging?

broke up a few weeks ago - it was complicated.

he's started seeing this girl and theyre pretty much together now, but he's still trying to keep hold of me. he told me he still loves me the other day. we've kissed, so technically he's cheated on the girl already :( ?!

he's said stuff like he's finding it hard (the fact that we've broken up) etc etc!

and he gets angry at me when he sees me with other guys! he gets all defensive and says maybe we shouldn't talk anymore (after him saying he wanted to stay friends)!

what is he trying to do? I know he's just keeping me hanging and tbh I would never take him back after what he's done and the way he's treated me, I just wana hear from a guys perspective what he's playing at?! x


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  • Don't let him keep you hanging, then.

    Strap on a pair and let go.

  • You and the other girl are both options. That guy is a jerk.


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