How can I get over him?

There is this guy and he's a senior, I'm 16, I don't think I have a chance because 1. He is popular and I'm not 2. He acts as if I'm his little sister and 3. He is better looking than me and rich.

Whilst I'm the 'happy go lucky emo girl' he is the 'hard to resist hottie with a body" and I'm not exactly rolling in money.

We talk a bit, he smiles at me and winks and he's from this place called Macedonia so he has this adorable accent and laughs when I don't understand him. He calls me queeny for some reason and to be honest his friends have to stop him from staring at my butt ha ha. It's weird, we don't ever like touch but when we shook hands he had this weird expression on his face and stared at him hand after that, I dunno, these are all the reasons I like him :) and whenever I try to move on I remember everything and I just can't! Any tips?


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  • If you want to get over him one of the things you could do is let time pass and don't pressure yourself into NOT liking him! But I know that doesn't help to much so I'm gonna tell you another one, start talking with him MORE, but also let him miss you. Then when you see the time is right tell him how you feel and wait for his response. Whether is yes or no you will feel more relaxed that you got over that. And don't outrun yourself just cause he is "Popular" and "rich" you may have some good qualities that he likes. I hope this can help you. :)

    • Thank you :) I'll try that

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