How can I fix this between me and my ex?

Me and my ex girlfriend who was my first love broke up about 3 months ago. Séance we had broken up I've had 2 other girl friends. The first one I broke up with her after the first date and now I'm thinking about breaking up with my 2nd girlfriend. Me and the girl who was my first love don’t talk anymore we got into a fight and I told her “till you stop acting like you hate me and treating me like sh*t I'm not going to contact “ now I really wish I could talk to her. She was my best friend and the person who I went to for evething. I know she does’t miss me and when I try to poke her on Facebook whe I see she in online ( no I am not stalking her I'm on Facebook a lot séance I have gotten into college) I'm sure she is ignoring my pokes cas I have poked her 5 times in a row and she hasn’t poked me back. And when one of our friends who she still hangs out with mentions me s scoiall goes across her face. I want to talk to her again but I'm not sure how to get her to talk back to me. But back to my question I want to know why can't I dicide weather I like this new girlfriend I have who is the 2nd scance me and my fisrt love broke up?

Why do I still have such strong feelings for my first love?

And how would I be able to fix what happened between me and my first ex so we can start talking again?

sorry about my bad spelling the spell cheack isn't working for me for some reasion.


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  • Wow what a thoughtful guy. I'm feeling the same pain as you, only opposite is he's a guy and I'm a girl. I guess its just reality. People just move on, and you never forget your first love, even if you start to despise them. My ex was my first love and I felt more in love with him in the end then ever, while with him it was the total opposite. The last thing I told him was that he's making a terrible mistake by letting go, that he was the only guy I ever loved, and ever since then nothing.

    You just have to move on. I would see what the new girl is about, get to know her some. Its totally normal to still have feelings for your ex, you don't just stop loving a person over night, but more than anything stay true to yourself. You and your ex should reconsile sometime later on. I wouldn't advise that you do it asap. You don't want your emotions smacking you in the face.


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