What does ex want from me?

I have been talking to my (now ex) boyfriend for two years. We started officially dating in the spring of '10 and we broke up February of '11, but we continued to talk. Our relationship is really strong right now, since I'm now legal to see him (we broke up because he found out I was underage). Today we were talking on the phone and I said that I wanted him happy. When I asked him if he was happy, he paused for a really long time before saying yes. But, he never hangs out with me in public. Ever. He is eighteen and I'm (FINALLY!) sixteen, and he still won't take me in public! look at my profile pic. Obviously I'm not too awful looking, so I really don't understand why he is so embarrassed of me. He sends me signals all the time that he wants a relationship with me, so why isn't he acting on it?


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  • Hmm... That does all seem rather confusing. I mean on one hand he's hesitating to say that he's happy with you, and doesn't seem to want to be seen with you in public either! Yet he sends you signals that he wants a relationship with you?

    I tend to think actions speak louder than words, so if this guy really wanted to be with you, he would surely want to be seen with you, take you out and show you off to the world?!

    It sounds to me like he's messing you around a little here and maybe you need to be a little more direct and ask him for the truth in whether he really wants to be with you or not?

    But you certainly deserve better than to be messed around like this and I hope you're able to stand your ground on this one and either be with someone who wants you completely, or not at all!... Good luck and I hope it works out for you!... :o)


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