How to get him back?

My dream guy recently lost interest I'm me. I thought I could handle it perfectly well, but it's been a week and it still hurts like hell. Every time I see him, it makes me miss him more. And when he flirts with another girl, it breaks my heart every time. Please tell me how I can regain his interest and KEEP it. I've never had a crush this huge, any help is appreciated. :)



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  • What you need:

    -blow dart with mild poison

    -cupids arrow

    -if that doesn't work get handcuffs and a basement

    No all you can do is let him know you like him. Guys that young aren't really serious with women and just want to hook up as much as possible.


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  • Well it's been damn nie a year for me and it still smarts pretty good. Accept the fact that you may not get him back, and just be happy without *that* particular person and you should be alright. I know, cliche answer. Still holds some semblance of validity though

  • Sorry but you'll have to get over it some way or another. I know that break ups are never easy, but a lot of people go through the same thing. Find someone else and you might feel the same way.


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  • Forget him, there are better, cuter, smarter guys out there. Don't settle for less. You know I just forgot about my ex a few hours ago. All I did was tell myself there's other guys out there, and it is. I just got off the phone with a guy whom had a crush on me @ my university. I may not love him, but he made me forget all about my ex! You just need a distraction, and I guarantee it'll just go away. I was torn for days over our break-up, because he was also my dream guy. But hey, such as life.


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