If you broke up with someone recently?

if you broke up with someone recently lets say 1 month ago and tried to forget her by keeping yourself busy with work.

why would bumping into a past crush destroy all of this effort by making you feel lonely again and want to jump into any kind of friends with benefits kinda relationship ?


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  • Simple, because the feelings come rushing back and you start getting those feelings that you miss the pleasures and deep emotional feelings that coincide with being with someone else.

    • but why does seeing your past crush trigger those feelings when you haven't actually been with your past crush? so how can you miss it then, surely if you bumped into your ex those feelings should come back not your past ctush ? sorry I'm on a slow one can you care to elaborate lol

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    • for your effort most definetly! lol

    • sweet:D

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  • This reminds me of the old cliche of " you want what you can't have." A crush can sometimes not be resolved. A person may not be able to have closure because he or she cannot talk to the crush or let the crush know. It's always tricky when it comes to crushes because the feeling may not be mutual; thus, it adds on to the pain of rejection. That feeling of rejection leads to fear of loneliness. Then, the thought of past relationships make a person feel bad because the person will ask him or herself, why it didn't work out? Am I failure?

    • hey! thank you so much! you make so much sense and you put a lot of thought into it which I really appreciate! hit me back if you need help in answering any question :) peace.

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