Guys: Is he just overreacting?

My ex (8 years ago) meet up couple of times a year and it usually ends up us having sex. Both of us are OK with the situation well I thought we were. However met a month ago and whilst chatting he asked if I'd invite him to my wedding if I got married. I said no because we aren't really friends and it would be weird. He did not take this well and basically told me all the things he doesn't like about me! I just ignored it as I figured it was just a response to being hurt. We still ended up having sex and I figured it was forgotten about. He hasn't talked to me since. I have apologized and explained what I meant by saying he wasn't a friend and have left it there not sure what to do next. Seems like a waste to throw away 10 years over a silly argument. Just wondered what guys think. Does he just need time or should I figure that is all over now?


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  • Wow MAJOR over reaction! What you said wasn't at all hurtful. It would be awkward to invite him to your wedding but also it's not like you're getting married today and have the invitations in place. If he's angry over that, that is so silly but maybe it was something else?


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