"Call me when you want to hang out"

So my boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago. He was away for the first couple weeks and then when he got back everything seemed to be going well as "just friends" (he broke up with me but I've accepted it and totally cool with just being friends). Either way, a couple days ago he freaks out via text message that I have ruined his life and he had more before we dated, etc etc. It caught me so off guard and I apologized (even though I really don't think I should have_ Anyway the next day I sent him a text asking if he wanted to hang out and he said that hanging out with other people takes a priority to hanging out with me. So I replied "call me when you want to hang out" and still haven't heard from him (2 days). REALLY! Do I wait now? I still care from him and want to make sure he is ok.


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  • wait to hear from him, don't contact him.. Don't wait to move on


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