What is up with my ex?

This guy and I were dating for 3 months and knew each other for 5 months. The first 2 months he begged me to date him. So I finally agreed. Things were well but then last week he ignored me all week and then 2 days ago he broke up with me saying he is joining the special forces in the military and can't have an attachment. But now he ignores me all together. I never interfered with his work currently in the army or forced this relationship. He acts like he could care less now. What happened? And should I move on?


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  • Ya. You should dump him. He is basically saying that "I don't want to be with you." its not nice but he didn't just dump you either. I don't think however that he is saying everything though. He probably has something ells on his mind, I'm not saying its a bad thing that he's concentrating on but I don't really know the facts.


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