Guys why would you end good memories?

why would you choose to end a good thing you had with someone? You always wanted to her to be around you and you could tell her and talk to her about anything. You two have so many good memories together and there was never a dull moment together. You both were always there for each other and stood by each other through good and bad. Why would you or what would be the reasoning to just one day have no contact or disrespect her all of a sudden after a year and a half of investing into each other?


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  • found something younger and fresher, wanted my freedom back there are many reasons

    • I don't think in my case that is the reason. I'm not even 30 and he is older than me. So I'm sure its the other reasons.

    • not even thirty what's that means pushing 30 is just as bad

    • Im 26 if ya need to know and he is 31. You said he was looking for younger and fresher. He also got his freedom just like I got mine. How old are you? I don't think you should awnser questions just to awnser to recieve XPER points because it seems like it the way you awnsered this question. If not than cool, thanks for your smartass awnsers and comments.

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  • too much of a good thing.

    a blow to the head.

    simply lost intrest?

    want some time to their self.

    felt like they were being smothered?

    loads more.

    • So what I should of treated him like dirt and never gave him the time of day? I guess its his loss. I know some man out there will love me for me and ill make him happy. I'm not changing who I am because of one guy who burned me for no reason. :) Thanks

    • it is his loss and your right. you should never change because someone want's you to.

    • Thank you:)

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  • When a guy disappears on you means he found another girl that he likes more and have a better connection. If he really appreciate you he wouldn't do that to you period. Move on please.

  • there are lots of reasons that might happen.


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