Why would my ex block my profile on a dating website?

Hey, me and my guy broke up 3 weeks ago. I joined a dating website, and he was on it. I tried to find one he wasn't on, but apparently he feels the need to cast a "wide" net. So he kept coming up on my matches 98% compatible. It was a bit much, so I read how to block him. When I went to block him, he was gone. Do you think he blocked me for the same reason, or was he just embarrassed?


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  • It is possible that he just left the site, seeing as you were on it. He could have blocked you for the same reason you're blocking him. Maybe you're coming up too. I see no reason for him to be embarrassed. If he doesn't wanna date you then he probably doesn't want a website matching you up with him. Fairly simple to me.

    • My thought was that he still had feelings for me. But as a woman, I tend to read too much into that kind of stuff.

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    • "... I joined a dating website, and he was on it. I tried to find one he wasn't on..." Well the way you made it sound, it was pretty much over. Can't just give partial information, you know? But yes, regardless, as you said, it doesn't really matter and you should consider yourself lucky. Especially since it seems you weren't too hurt by this relationship that you find yourself unable to get over this guy.

    • Ok yes, I will admit, I am devastated. We had talked about getting married, even picked out rings. I had some issues in the relationship with trust. He did too. Both had some pretty bad experiences. The dating website, for me, was a distraction. I thought maybe I would go on some dates and move on. Obviously not the case, thus the reason I canceled it. I just need to lick my wounds and move on. Thank you for the comments

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  • Some websites will allow you to "hide" your profile meaning you can still use the site normally but are hidden when someone tries to search you. Perhaps that's what he was doing? He may have blocked you. Chances are that he didn't delete his profile though.

  • It sounds like your not over him. It should matter what he does. Just ignore him.

    • I would say that you are correct. Probably why I was over analyzing it.

    • Yeah you just gotta not pay attention if your not with him.

  • I love how it's okay for you to cast a "wide" net, but not him.

    • He did the dumping. I went to 6 sites and he was on all of them. So I went with the one that I had done before. So no wide net for me. Just the one I actually filled out.

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    • Ok, fair enough. He was on these sites before we broke up. I was told by a single friend he was there. When I confronted him, its me not trusting him. So yes I have a titch of bitterness about the "wideness" of his net.

    • lol what a jerk.

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