Should I be worried about her ex?

I've been with my girlfriend for 4 months now. It's an amazing relationship, we get along so well, our parents love us, everything is great. But she is still in contact with her ex, there is nothing going on between them, they have chatted twice in the last 2 or 3 months and it was a very innocent chat. But she looks at his Facebook profile almost daily, then deletes the history of her looking at it and just of that, nothing else. Like she's trying to hide that she looks at his profile from me. I don't care if she does, but it scares me that she's trying to hide it from me. She says she loves me, she's never been with such a great guy and she's so happy. I've asked her is she's over him and she said "Oh god yes, I don't know wtf I was doing with him" . Should I be worried? Oh and I have my ways of knowing if history is deleted or not ;) I've been played before and don't want to go through that again.


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  • If your worrying about her ex then its because you doubt yourself...and that's unattractive in itself. If she's hollering at her ex its because your not fulfilling her needs in some way. Talk to your girl more and find out how she 'Feels' ..feelings are all important to a woman...find this out and you'll discover the answer to your problem.

    Remember, he's her Ex for a reason, which means you infact have the advantage, many people don't realize this for some reason...they think its the other way round :-s don't ask me why.

    • She's not talking to him. He's talked to her twice and she jsut give him basic answers, like he's trying to start up a convo and she's not. Which is a really godo thing, but why does she check is profile almost daily and it's always one of the first things she's does in the morning..

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    • me personally, I love myself and I no what I'm worth, so if my girl's acting how your girl is, its cause me and her weren't meant to be..or what I've got to offer isn't what she needs in her life at present. So I'd pack up my bags and leave before I get trapped in an unhealthy 3way negative cycle. If for some strange reason you want to keep her, well...good luck with that, but your asking the wrong questions, don't ask why she's looking on his page, ask what needs your neglecting to fill.

    • P.S I understand that I don't know either of you in detail or the relationship you have, and I could be wrong...but my friend, I'm a studying hypnotherapist, I was born with the gift of loving human psychology and its second nature to me, the one field I am confident in my skills...and I'm sorry but I tell you this from experience of many other real life cases I have studied.

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  • I don't think you should worry :)

    Maybe she just don't want to show you that she is looking at his profile, because you would misunderstand it?

    And she is just looking at him in a friendly way. I think her ex would actually be the last person she would hook up with :)

    • But how I feel is that if she's going to hide this from me, what else will she hide in the future?

    • i wouldn't take note of this answer if I was you..shes young, young females are the worst people for advice on anything...even on themselves lol

    • Question Asker:

      Yeah, maybe... Confrontate her then! there's no other way to get to know what is going on if you don't ask. And I'm sure that you?ll know how she is when she's lying, so work from that...


      Wow, you're really mean and disrespectful.

      I just tried to help him.

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  • I can't stand that sh*t at all.

    My ex did that constantly. She couldn't let go of anyone. All of them were a bunch of D-bags trying to get some. it was rude and disrespectful for her to be texting them while we were out on dates, Sleeping together and ect. So one day we were out and she was talking to them when she could have been talking to her Boyfriend whos taking her on a date. And I ended it right there and left.


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