Is she reaching out? What does this mean?? Girls please read!

So, my ex girlfriend of a year broke up with me 6 weeks ago. She said some things I did got on her nerves and couldn't see her self spending the rest of her life with me. She has since been on a couple dating sites and hung out with guys and found issues with them ( I know this because she recently posted a question on a site similar to this one). Her posting basically said that the she broke up with me cause I did things that got on her nerves, the other guys she has hung out with she finds problems with as well. She hurts deep in the pit of her stomach when she thinks about me and how much she misses me. she asks if she misses ME or our committed relationship and if she will find it with someone lese but just needs time. She KNOWS I would come across this as I have posted on this site as well. She has also recently "liked" a video I posted on my FB account and we are not FB friends anymore. She also texted me Sunday night

"watching the (baseball team) reminds me of you. Actually I thought about you a lot yesterday (my roomates wedding day which she would of attended). I hope things are OK with you"

So is she reaching out, is she realizing that there is no perfect person out there, just perfect for her. Is she messing with me. I have also hung out with girls, but she is still in my thoughts and heart. Is this a lost cause or do I continue to give her time to come to the realization and hope it isn't too late.
yeah, I have been hanging with girls. She has seen it on my FB. She likes to go on it even though we aren't together or FB friends. The worst part is not that she is feeling this way or if she DOESN'T want to get back together. It is that she had to let me know about it through liking a video I posted, and writing on the other site, and texting me. It has set me back and while it might make her feel better, it ultimately makes me feel worse.


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  • She definitely misses you and, like everyone else has said, she probably is noticing that no one is perfect. Even though you are still getting over the break up, if she is still in your thoughts and heart then you obviously miss her too and shouldn't be unhappy because things are over. I think that you should keep making an effort and talking to her just to see how she's doing. She fell for you once, there's nothing preventing her from doing it again. If you make an effort and show you care, I'm sure she will come back.

    Being a girl, in my personal opinion, I like it when guys start the conversation and find out how I am because it shows that they care about me. It shows that they are taking time to see how I'm doing. If you do this for her, she will feel special and maybe see over time that you may not be perfect, but you are perfect for her. Don't give up:)


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  • she misses you but she might have other things in life to deal with. she is probably in the middle of healing. I healed over my relationships by having distance from a guy. try talking to her to see if she needs to get closure or if there is something to why she keeps contacting you. there's no way you are going to know exactly what's on her mind, the best way is to maybe sort out your thoughts about her and let her do the same and you guys take the time out to talk to each other.

  • i think she feels some regret, its not easy right after a break up, maybe just try talking to her alittle bit to see what happens

    • I have tried... I have been the only one that has tried to get together to talk face to face. This is the first time she has shown any remorse (publicly)

    • then I wouldn't expect her to have an epiphany, just try to do your own thing. time heals all wounds.

  • talk to her about it


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  • give her some time , if she is missing you and keeping some contact with you its as you said she may be thinking their are no perfect guys out their and if your relationship had more positives than negatives she may be having second thoughts. however do not stop your social life on a maybe ype thing. the old saying you want what you can't have does apply here. if she see's that your willing to walk and get over her she may realize she goofed with you .

    this is just my opinion though

  • I don't think she's messing with you. But I wouldn't assume she's pining for you either, or planning for the two of you to get back together.

    I think she's just trying to keep the lines of communication open, since girls like to do that with an ex, especially if they were the ones who instigated the break-up.

    There is a fine line between you playing hard to get, and just not making a move on her.

    I would think that you should keep the communication at the same level she has, if not slightly less. Don't look too eager. Keep seeing other girls if you can. Make sure it looks like you're enjoying your life and not pining away for her. But no need to cut her off and go "no contact".

    If after say two months, she hasn't made an actual advance on you, talked about getting back together, then it's probably over for certain.


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