What do you do to get over a guy?

best solution to get over a guy I like? what would try to do? we have dated or seen each other for 4 years. now things are complicated.


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  • I would just try to make sure I heal my own heart and move on from the situation. I can only focus on myself and heal and learn from my mistakes. you can always look into counselling and things like that. you can do what makes you happy, whatever that might be such as deep breathing, meditation, drawing, art, the other things in life. there's better things in life to think about than just some guy who made you feel depressed. get over him and move on. try to be happy even if you aren't. and just be positive about what you have in life, maybe make some goals and do that.

    • thanks that makes a lot of sense.

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  • focus on yourself keep away from him stay bussy and honestly hope the best for you I know its hard...