Me and my girlfriend broke up after 5 years, but she still says that she would be with me in a year?

We were together 7 good year, high school sweethearts. The last two we fought a lot, but we had good times to. She told me after we broke up that she still loves me and wants me to be in her life as friends. She won't give me her new number, because she recently lost her phone and changed the number. She told me in a couple of months we could like start dating again, and we write on Facebook. She told me know matter what she could see herself in a year from now with me, she just needed "me" time. It hurts to be her friend just not sure what to do?


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  • Don't call or text her it's not going to do you any good.

    It's up to you how much space your willing to give her. You should tell her that you are going to give her the space she needs. At the same time you should delete her as a friend on fb but before you do this you should let her know.

    I personally would let them go and wish them well, as much as that may hurt me. Ask yourself this. What if you gave her two or six months and after that period she rejects you. You put your life on hold and for what? I don't have the time to waste waiting around for someone to decide what the hell it is that they want while keeping me dangling on a string.

    She wants to be single but not lose you entirely and that's not fair to you.

    It's difficult to be friends with someone that you love for the obvious reasons. You will get hurt every time you see or hear what she's doing even though that's going to happen anyway, but at least you'll be moving forward with your life. If you do get back together after that time frame.

    What makes you think she won't do it again and you have to go through this roller coaster ride again.

    Those are the things you need to think about. It's a tough choice. She may just need a little space and its very possible that she will take you back after a couple of months. You have to decide if you want to take the risk or get on with your life now.


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