My ex girlfriend kissed me and I'm confused to what it meant?

and ex girl friend who I've been broken up with around 10 or 11 months now kissed me on a night out. not just a friendly kiss. she asked me to come outside the bar and talk to her. then when we were alone she pulled me in and kissed me for around 15 seconds before I pulled away, not wanting to make much out of it, as I am in absolute love with her, and don't want a wrong idea.

she has been out of a relationship with a guy, which was short lasted, about 3 weeks ago. which is one reason I wasn't sure what it meant.

when I pulled away she looked at me and said she had never forgotten about me, and kissed me again. Since then which was about 2 days ago, we have been talking though messaging, and having great conversations, but every time I talk about what happened she stops the conversation and doesn't talk.

i need to know what to think about this and if I am just reading to far into it, or how I can make sense of what happened,

thank you.


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  • She's probably confused about her feelings so if you still love her, just give her time to come to terms with the fact that she's still into you, too.


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