Love is fidelity, not infidelity. Who agrees with this?

"LOVE is FIDELITY not INFIDELITY", so people if you cheat don't bother going up to your partner saying that you love him/her with all your heart &that you don't want to lose him/her after you've cheated on him/her. That is not love, it is completely BS you're basically using your partner 'cause you don't want to be left alone in this cold world. You don't want the only person who loves you to leave you, right? So think before you act (cheat) OK. Why do wrong to the person you love? Just keep it real & keep your genitals to yourself & if someone else other than your partner wants to get it in no matter how tempting it is say NO & WALK AWAY now that is LOVE. :)


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  • No, you're wrong. That doesn't mean cheating is fine, but people in love do sometimes cheat.

    You can be love and have a horrible relationship where you are miserable and that leads to the temptation to cheat. That doesn't mean you're not in love.

    And love doesn't magically provide you with the willpower to always to the right thing any more then really wanting to be thin magically means you'll gag on ice cream.

    • Yeah I guess you are right

    • How come people cheat when the relationship is good too? They say they love the partner but then they have sex with someone else because the partner wants to wait to get married first.. I think that is pretty messed up...and I believe if someone loves their partner he/she would be patient and respect their decision not go have sex with someone else

    • What do love and patience have to do with each other?

      A relationship where one party feels sexually unsatisfied is not 'good' no matter what they try to say or believe. If they feel that way - and evolution has made that quite natural - its a major problem. I'm not trying to say 'cheating is fine', but acting like hanging around without have sex is normal ... it just isn't. It never has been. For most of human history, when people 'waited' for marriage, they got married fast and young.

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  • I agree. But, Hollywood would have you believing otherwise. Sometimes I can see the title of a movie and know how they want to shape the world. See something enough and soon you start to think I am missing something? It all comes down to morals.



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  • I somewhat agree. It's true that if someone has the strength to say no to a tempting situation and stay faithful to their partner, then yes that's definitely love. However, I also agree with kheserthorpe, if it's a one time thing for whatever reason and they feel awful about it after then that doesn't necesarily mean they don't love you. Sometimes you can still be in love and make a mistake. But if they're a repeat cheater, then they're definitely not in love.

  • love is not just fidelity its also trust...and a commitment to each other..not a commitment to the entire female population by him

  • I agree!


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