Is it weird that the only time I feel lonley is after I have been hurt?

I am happy when I am single and even in relationships when my guy is away for work or whatever, I don't feel lonely. The only time is when my heart has been broken. I see so many people complaining about feeling lonely because they want a relationship or lonely because their guy/girl isn't giving them the attention that they are craving and I can't relate. Am I weird?


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  • I am the exact same way. I'm perfectly happy being single and waiting for the right guy to come along, but after I've gotten my heart broken, it feels almost unbearable sometimes.


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  • no it's not weird that you feel lonely and it doesn't seem likeyou've been hurt

    • I am not hurting now so there is no reason why it would seem like I am hurting. It was just an observation of how I do feel when someone has broken my heart as opposed to how I feel when I am not in that situation.

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  • I am the same way.

    It is probably because we are happy being single, but when we are hurting it is human nature to want to be close to someone. Since we are single adults, we don't always have someone readily available and end up feeling lonely.

    I used to be very discontent with being single, so I can see it from both prespectives.

    I have also been in a relationship with someone who hurt me a lot and that made me feel even more lonely.

    • Bring in a relationship you put your self in a vulnerable situation and hope the other person doesn't abuse your love etc

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